Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Your rights and responsibilities

 Suggestions and Complaints

We aim to provide a friendly, profession service at all times, however, if you feel the need to comment or complain about any aspect of the practice, please let us know. Speak to whoever you feel comfortable with, the doctor, the practice manager or our reception staff will be happy to help.

Our complaints lead is  Samantha Corp, the practice manager, and she will be happy to discuss any issues with you. Suggestions and complaints may be received in a written or verbal format and there are forms available at reception for you to use.

You are welcome to leave suggestions in the surgery's suggestion box in reception. We review these regularly and do not hesitate to implement suggestions. They can lead to increase efficiency or improve patient service.

In the majority of cases concerns can be resolved, however, if you do not feel comfortable approaching a staff member then you can contact NHS England, PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT.

The surgery has a strict complaints policy that is adhered to but you may also discuss issues with your local PALS service or CCG (please see menu for further details) for issues with the hospital or community services. There is also the option of taking matters further with the ombudsman if you feel they have not been resolved.

Further details can be found in the surgery and in our policy document. Please click on the link below to view this

Kennet Surgery Complaints policy


 Your right and responsibilities

  • When you register with the Kennet Surgery we will treat you as a partner in the care and attention you receive. Whilst you have rights under our partnership you also have responsibilities which we will expect you to observe.
  • We will treat you with respect and courtesy regardless of your gender, sexuality, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, personal attributes or health issues
  • Whilst you are registered with the practice you retain the right to see the doctor of your choice. If you choose to exercise this right your appointment may be delayed however. We will do our best to see you as near as possible to your appointment time, though we would we appreciate your patience when unforeseen delay occur.
  • We will expect you to arrive in good time for your appointment
  • Patients who fail to attend their appointments cost the NHS millions of pounds each year and increase waiting time significantly. If you no longer need your appointment, you must cancel it in good time. If all patients were to do this waiting times would decrease noticeably; please help us to help yourselves. Patients who continually fail to attend may be removed from our list.
  • Information held about you is confidential and is only made available to staff and clinicians directly involved in looking after your health. All patient information is managed in accordance with national guidelines and the practice is registered with the Data Protection Agency. You have your right to know what information we hold about you, although we are entitled to charge to make this information available to you. If you change your name, address or telephone number please let us know the new details.
  • We will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour on our premises. If a patient is violent or abusive, we will warn them to behave appropriately. If they persist, we may exercise our right to have them removed, without notice if necessary, from our patient list.


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